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Our History:

Our History:

The Finley 5k was established in 2013 after the passing of Finley William Ellison to SIDS.  Proceeds from the race go to the Finley Foundation which is a non profit organization that raises money for research into SIDS, which takes the lives of close to 3000 infants each year.  The 5k to date has sent over $250,000 to researchers at Boston Children's Hospital and Seattle who are actively trying to find a cause and cure to SIDS. 

Finley William Ellison

Finley 5k run/walk for SIDS awareness

Finley Foundation for SIDS is a non-profit registered 501(3)c.  They exist to raise awareness and research money to one day end the tragedy of SIDS for the next generation of parents. 

In 2023, Finley Foundation partnered with Transform Scott County to host the 11th annual Finley 5k Run/Walk coming this fall in September. 


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