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I often think about what Finley would be doing at this age.  6 mths, 1 year, 16 mths… Doesn’t really matter what age, when I run, mow, or drive it seems the questions always come.  Rarely can I see a toddler and not think about what Finley would look like at that age. What would he be doing?  At times I can get really angry that he didn’t get the chance to do any of those things.

Then a thought occurred to me. Finley didn’t get to do those things. He got to do so much more.  He brought over 1000 people together for a race that became an event.  He made people that never knew him take a little more time with their children.  He infected a community with good will toward all. He inspired competitive coaches to lock arms together to teach thousands of young men about SIDS.  He made his parents better people.  He strengthened his siblings that love him so, knowing that he is in their hearts. He made people pray for strangers.  He sent a ripple toward the end of SIDS. Finley made us all better.  I am lucky to have been the father of such an amazing young baby.  We won’t take for granted the blessing we were given.

We won’t rest until SIDS ends.  God bless you!

Go Finley!

Host a SIDS event!

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Host a SIDS event!

  Thinking about getting involved?  Host an event! MyKentuckytee.com and Blue Stallion Brewery can show you the positive results of partnering  with the Finley Foundation.  ...

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Research Front- Dr. Daniel Rubens

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Children’s Doctor Follows His Intuition and Opens a New Door That May Reveal a Secret to SIDS Featured in Connection, Winter 2008 (PDF) Nearly 40 years have passed since Seattle Children’s hosted an international conference that shined a bright light on a dark topic. SIDS — sudden infant death syndrome — lacked a name, a definition or even acceptance as a distinct diagnosis before the conference. The mysterious death of a seemingly healthy infant in his or her sleep was simply a rare tragedy. While SIDS remains tragic and mysterious, SIDS...

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Research Front- Dr. Hannah Kinney

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Hormone Deficiency Could Cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) By SACHA PFEIFFER, WBUR 90.9, Boston, Massachusetts Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is the leading cause of death for babies between one month and 12 months old. But why some infants who seem totally healthy suddenly die in their sleep has mystified researchers for years. Now, a new study out of Children’s Hospital Boston finds a possible reason. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome seems like a bolt out of nowhere. A happy, active baby falls asleep and just doesn’t wake up. But Dr....

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Georgetown College Football Finley Sign

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  After the staff completed the cold water challenge for Finley Foundation, the team poses with the Finley Sign and takes on the...

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Finley 5K Course- New! Main Street included!

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Check out the new course....

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