Team Challenges

Get signed up today and start your team.  After choosing the team option, name your team, make it a good one!  After that each member chooses the team and everyone on the team gets a 3$ discount.  We are going to create some great awards and prizes for the team efforts this year.

1. School Staff Award- Most % of staff from any school gets The Belt, you are the Champ, and your principal will get to hold onto the belt for one year.

2. School Students Award- Most % of students from any school gets the School Bell Award- A trophy to be kept in your front office.

3. Overall Count- Any team who has the overall most participants- The Lombardi Award

4. Best Team Name- Trophy TBD

5. Best Costumed Team- The Elvis Trophy

6. Farthest Away Participant- The Travel Trophy

Lets have some fun, reach our goals, and stop the tragedy. Win, Win, Win!